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Sabtu, 9 Jun 2012

mom, i want to marry....

 hi readers..

it is pleasure to meet again right.. this evening i like to tell you all a short stories. it is fun story i though. i don't know exactly, but u can figure out..

5.00 pm at Kampung Berjaya, a good weather with a gloomy sun and smooth wind come from the east side there  has a small house with painted in blue colour over the wall, nice landscape with have a fortune at the corner side and a small hut between two coconut tree at the right side, a young lady is sit together with her mom in the kitchen preparing a dinner. there are preparing fried chicken and some dessert. at the moment the lady said to her mother,

young lady : mom, it is really critical right now. you should make me marry with some guys.
mom : i want to make a tea right now.
young lady : mom, do you hear what i just told right now? (furious)
mom : nowadays, tea, sugar and milk is getting expensive. (same expression)
young lady : then, what is related about the price to make a tea and the married? (getting more angry)
mom : i have to find money to buy a tea. now i have to find money for your marry.
young lady : erk... ok ... mom sorry... (feel regret)

p/s: the moral of this story, you should have a right time to tell your mother about married. (+_+')...