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Rabu, 1 Disember 2010

Honk ! if you are Malaysian

the tittle of this entry is refer to the one of the book that i bought last week.
it is different and interesting books. the book is wrote by Lydia Teh and published by MPH bookstore.
i thought the special of this book are just a simple,short and relax story to enjoy it.
And everything is talk about behavior of some people who live in Malaysia and we call them Malaysian.
how she send the message to the readers in creative method and funny but really make it sense. credit for lydia teh.
actually i am not finished yet but, i can said that sometimes if you are trying to advice the people you should have various creative method to advice it.
also i can see that the writer is caring and loving to her country very much.
the point is, i thought you should buy and read this book if you are Malaysians.
It is funny and have a lot of value you will learn about it.
It is right Leng Lui ? (^_^)....