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Jumaat, 15 Oktober 2010

If i'm the leader of people voice, What Is Your Imagination For The Future?

i am still try
to continue my words.
in english word.
why ?
it is globalization language.
i don't know
if my words
is okay for
the readers.

i hope
you can read
and understand.

it is easy
and beneficial.

i would like
to share
with you
about some
current issues
that i though
it is important
for tertiary level
to well known
about it.

First of all,
it is about
Do you know
how serious
was a case
it is a bribe case.

To let you
this morning
we attend
a talk,
where the
title is about
reality and perception"

what i have
we have
a freedom,integrity and authority
that manage
all about the cases
relate to the bribe case
we call "SPRM"
in malay, it is stand for
"Suruhanjaya Pencegah Rasuah Malaysia"
i hope this
authority group
will do their
to ensure
our country
is safe
from any
bribe cases.

It is because
a development country
should have
an integrity society
a background
of the citizens and

My question
Are you ready for that?

also as the lastly
i though
that leader from people
it is not
to survive it

as a leader
from people choice
should voice out
what is people
want it.
You also should understand
their hope
and what they
want it.
because you are
the leader from
people choose
it is reality
not fantasy

if i am a leader
what is your imagination for the future?
Could you share it
with me

4 ulasan:

  1. salam...
    sir, first n foremost I think to stop or overcome corruption we need to start from ourselves.for the sake of getting your work done faster or for the unlawful interpretations some people need to bribe.Bribe may be one of any kind.even gifting is also termed bribe.for me, first we must teach our young chidren about human values,honesty,hard work,sincerity and etc..I can give u innumerable examples.spread the story's of people who have earned through corruption.spread that whatever u can earn through corruption goes to hospitals and do not give bribe and do not accept bribe.educate your friends too.if possible try to organise small groups in yourlocality with active youngsters. arrange anti -corruption talks.motivate these youngsters to take oath against corruption etc.because peace and unity is our armor to against the one who can makes our country poor!
    my imagination for the future,erm...
    bnyk laaaaaaaa~
    but ofcourse we can separate it into
    economy~I think the currency crisis...
    politic~erm...I can't say much..cuz this is really sensitve issue
    social~racist and anti racist~I don't think we live in happy and harmony country now like we used to live in past...hahaha.sbb bnyk kes gado2 je..even kes bunuh2 pun da makin extreme da..
    senang xpyh jd leader la sir oi...
    leceh zmn skrg ni ssh nak bentuk masyarakat even our former prime minister nye jasa pun bkn semua kenang pun:)~

  2. being a leader is not an easy thing.We did our best,use our brain but still not statisfied for some of them...most important are,we play our role and dont worry,the truth will revealed it self.Believe in god..people's are be carefull in every step that we take.

    economic - still in good progress
    politic - sampah ni semua
    social - is not in a good's
    more to racism nowdays..

    as conclusion,be a true leader...