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Selasa, 5 Oktober 2010

FirSt enTriE in EngLish WoRds

First of all, i would like to apologize if I make a lot of mistake while writing in English. Just try to make this entry have other language. Sometime in Malay and sometime in English. I hope all readers can appreciate for what i have done.

Dear readers,
Thank you to for spends a few times to read my blog. It is satisfied for me to say anything that I though it is beneficial and useful to share with anyone. Maybe this verbs is familiar to you, "sharing is caring".

This month is the end of lectures month, which mean the last month we attend to the class for this semester. A lot of work to do and submit punctually in this month. Every semester is being like this. During the end of semester, student is busy to finish their assessment and final project.
Library started to be crowded with students, some of important book has been borrowed, oral presentation, and many things to be done.

However, activities in this University is still going very well. From association in Student Affair until college activities, there are still happening as usually as many years before. It is exist one question "How this student cope with academic and activities together without having any problems ?"

Back to the beginning, i would like to tell you again, the most important thing for tertiary level is, it is beneficial for you to have more than one language as communication language. Nowadays, we are going to globalization circumstance and we should survive it.

Just a few words, for me and you all to think about it. Thank you for reading.

3 ulasan:

  1. hehe, ok la tu, walau pun byk grammar mistakes, your article is fun to be read n at least readable... keep up!

  2. bnyak mana pun kerja..masa tetap berlalu..due date semakin hampir....jadi biarkan masa kerja mesti jadi....

  3. cool.
    need a bit more improvement :]